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Growing Houseplants Indoor plants add color, texture and warmth to the home. They allow year-round access to s, trees, shrubs,

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However, with these simple tips you&#;ll be able to better care for your indoorAs cute as they are, they don&#;t always make the best indoor house plants. That said

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That being said, there are some specific needs which must be met in order for them to thrive in the home. Learn more about caring for indoor

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Watering indoor plantsOrnamental CarePlant CareGarden CareBayer GardenStoring an appropriate houseplant feed by the watering can will act as a

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Growing plants indoors presents challenges, like low humidity, temperature fluctuations and limited sunlight. Try these tips to care for your houseplants in winter.If you have a humidifier in your home, move your plants to where they willFeeding them now will just upset their natural cycle, so hold off until